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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 12, 2018, 10:17 PM

This meme has been a looooooong time coming. Time to see if I'm really as edgy as some people keep calling me. >:U

[/]I've had an icon that is a blurry meme/screenshot from a movie, anime, tv show, or a drawing that I found funny (on Discord, kinda)
[ ]I've had an icon of a character that I like with a flower crown on their head
[ ]I've had the face of a youtuber as my icon
[ ]I've had a "no icon" default icon ironically/a black icon
[ ]I've had a single word as my icon
TOTAL: 0.5/5

My Characters:
[ ]Ive edited my character onto a real animal photograph or onto a picture of my body
[ ]I've drawn my characters ironically weird looking (messy lineart, ugly anatomy or features, or representative of a meme)
[ ]I've put a random mature content filter onto a picture of my characters to be funny
[ ]I've posted a dog meme that looks like a dog character of mine and drew on the accessories, markings, etc
[ ]bonus point if it was doge
[ ]another bonus point if I've ever typed out "much wow" "very anger" or something of the sort in a title or in the picture itself
[ ]I have a suicidal character (I'm not sure, but I can't think of any so...)
[x]I have an asshole character (I HAVE MANY YES)
[x]One of my characters has killed someone (//sweats)
[ ]One of my characters cuts itself open, is a masochist, or looks happy/pleased when drawn looking abused or broken up
[ ]I often draw my characters missing limbs
[x]I make fun of my characters/give them names that make fun of them
[x]"Please beat them up"
TOTAL: 4/13

General Gallery:
[ ]I've posted a meme into my gallery and left it on the featured tab so when people look at my gallery they find it
[ ]Bonus point if I said "tag yourself" or spammed letters in the description, title, or comments
[ ]my scraps have a lot of ironic artwork/images
[ ]I've posted vent art and made fun of myself in the title or description like ":^)" or "end me"
[ ]crying dogs
[ ]self-harm scars/nooses whether I self-harm or not
[ ]extreme blood and gore or just blood spillage spam 
[ ]my gallery is practically flooded with the mature content filter
TOTAL: 0/8

Page Decoration:
[ ]I've put ironic stamps on your page such as "furrys are suck!!!!" or "I FUCKING HATE ART"
[ ]I've expressed some sort of ironic depression on my page or gallery saying I "want to die," have "chronic depression," I am "suffering", "end me" etc
[ ]I've made a journal/custom box on my profile with pepe the frog, the bee movie, icarly, harambe, NNSG, spongebob, or guy fieri 
[x]My friends post memes/inside jokes/ nonsense banter in my profile comments
[ ]I have had some sort of tribute to filthy frank, idubbbz, h3h3, or max moefoe
[x]I am in any sort of fandom for gaming youtubers
[ ]"Im so fucking gay" "no gays allowed" "queen gay" etc
[ ]I've said on my profile that I'm daddy or called other people daddy
[/]I have some weird/random name for my friendlist like "the bitches" or "furry squad" (Just "The Squad", not that weird)
[ ]I more than 1 swear word on my page
[ ]I have some sort of proclamation for your hate of people/some rules that dictate whether or not someone can talk to me/watch me
[ ]My "real name" tag is something weird (Maybe someday lol)
[ ]My tagline is some inside joke or meme (Not yet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
[/]I've put that I live in "Antarctica" (Not on dA, but I have said that I live in people's closet so)
[ ]"Die cis scum" or "respect my fucking pronouns"
[ ]Some warning that I won't talk to someone who voted for trump/says "punch a nazi" unironically
TOTAL: 3/16

[/]I've commented a copypasta (Mmmmmmmmmmmaybe? I can't remember)
[x]s p a c e d  o u t  l e t t e r s
[x]uwu / :^) / :3c / B)
[x]heres a free bonus point for ever using uwu what's this OwO
[ ]I post my political opinions on someone else's page/block them for their opinions
[x]"frick" "heck" "henlo" "daddy/mommy" "AAAAAAA"
[x]I sometimes respond to people with spam ALSDLJADSLFKASDLFJLSDJF
[x]I comment on my friends pages with memes/inside jokes
[ ]I talk shit about people in comment chains
[ ]I've made callout posts or spammed someone's page that I don't like/that have done something wrong so people know when they visit their page that they suck
[ ]I complain a lot about my parents
[ ]I've threatened to leave deviantart/hurt myself because I was butthurt about something 
[x]act like I hate my friends when I talk to them/constantly insult them when I talk to or about them--yes even if you say you love them right after or that you are joking
TOTAL: 8.5/14

Sense of Humor:
[ ]I've found (something that isn't anime) is the best anime funny/top ten anime battles funny
[/]I've found ironic depression funny (Depends)
[/]I make fun of furries or weebs even though I am one just won't admit it (Only if they're friends)
[/]I found the "we are number one" meme funny for at least a week (Just the kazoo one LOL)
[x]I've made triggered jokes before
[ ]I've fun of men who are "neckbeards" 
[x]Shipping random characters/people/objects together
[ ]Yaoi of things that aren't originally yaoi
[ ]sexualized relatable posts of KPOP-JPOP boys
[x]All around me are familiar faces.. (Henlo darkness me old friend)
TOTAL: 6.5/12

[/]I've made a callout post (Only as a joke)
[ ]I've posted something controversial/out there and deleted it within 24 hours out of fear 
[ ]I've posted things that when I got backlash I deleted it and made another post pointing fingers about why 
[ ]I've harassed/insulted another person resulting in them banning me 
[ ]I generalize a group of people with a certain view demeaningly (I absolutely hate generalization. Like the stupid "Liberals/Conservatives suck" sports-team kind of bullshit mindset I hear all the time.)
[ ]I've responded to someone and then blocked them so they couldn't continue talking to me
[/]I state my political views on my page/in my journals (Only when I'm doing an interview-type meme, and it asks)
[ ]I've started or attempted to start a witch hunt
[ ]I call controversial things blanket terms like "racist" "sexist" "transphobic" "bigoted" "ableist" etc constantly
TOTAL: 1/9

[ ]16 years old or younger
[ ]Self-proclaimed emo/once was
[ ]Say I hate white people/men/trump supporters/cis people ironic or not
[ ]My about me page/section has political stamps
[ ]"don't note me" "don't @ me" "don't favorite without commenting"
[ ]I dictate what people are allowed to comment on my page/on my art
[ ]my block list has more than 5 people (Just 3, and I hope to keep it that low)
[ ]I've been blocked by more than 5 people
[ ]I say things to purposely piss people off
[ ]I've white knighted artists 
[ ]I've sent aggressive notes over something petty 
[ ]____can choke/die/fuck off
[/]"I'm nice until you piss me off" or something of that matter (More like if I feel like someone needs to speak up for one of my buddies, I send lovely essays/Love Notes:tm:~ :}c )
[x]Dark or horror aesthetics
[ ]anti-religious statements (Considering I'm happily Christian, definitely not lol)
[ ]edgy sparkle dogs (Perhaps one day)
[x]"I am trash"
[ ]list my diagnoses(s)
[ ]am angry at the results and this meme for accusing me of being edgy for specific things 

TOTAL: 26.5/100

0-20 you need to live a little, no need to take this website so seriously
21-40 to some maybe kind of bland, possibly professional or older, but your average joe really 
41-60 okay you need to chill there, you are borderline edgy
61-80 slow your roll, you are kind of obnoxious
81-100 you are kind of a nuisance tbh

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....OKAY SO since the last poll ended up tied and stayed tied... Contest or Raffle for the 200 Watcher Special? 

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